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GLITZ Shaft Wheel (Taiwan)

GLITZ Shaft Wheel (Taiwan)

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Shaft mounted flap wheels can be used in portable air or electric power tools, including tyre buffers, flexible shafts and hand drills. Made from highest quality industrial cloth. Used for a wide range of applications such such as removal of rust, cleaning up welds and sanding wood prior to painting.


GL-SW 25060 – 25mm x P60
GL-SW 25080 – 25mm x P80
GL-SW 25100 – 25mm x P100
GL-SW 25120 – 25mm x P120
GL-SW 30060 – 30mm x P60
GL-SW 30080 – 30mm x P80
GL-SW 30100 – 30mm x P100
GL-SW 30120 – 30mm x P120
GL-SW 40060 – 40mm x P60
GL-SW 40080 – 40mm x P80
GL-SW 40100 – 40mm x P100
GL-SW 40120 – 40mm x P120
GL-SW 50060 – 50mm x P60
GL-SW 50080 – 50mm x P80
GL-SW 50100 – 50mm x P100
GL-SW 50120 – 50mm x P120
GL-SW 84080 – 80mm x P80
GL-SW 104080 – 100mm x P80

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