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PU METAL FOR METAL DECK G26 (0.47MM) (10FT-20FT) 2.0

PU METAL FOR METAL DECK G26 (0.47MM) (10FT-20FT) 2.0

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Color, Width & Thickness

PU METAL FOR METAL DECK G26 (0.47MM) (10FT-20FT) 2.0

Roofing + Metal + Foam

Pu Metal for Metal Deck is a completed insulation system made up of 3 layers, consisting of a layer of rigid polyurethane (PU) foam in between an exterior profiled metal roofing sheet and an interior pre-painted metal sheet with glossy white texture. These insulated roof panels provide excellent heat resistance, good sound absorption, mechanical and dimensional stability of roof assembly. With these characteristics, these roof panels will maintain your buildings cool all day with great saving on electricity.

Pu Metal for Metal Deck contains water resistant materials as it is processed using high density Closed Cell Polyurethane which will not be damaged by rain water. It is harder to be damaged during transportation. It also eliminates unnecessary multiple construction of processes of laying insulations and roofing sheets into one-off fast and easy way of installation course, thus saving cost in installation and purchasing.

Product Features and Benefits:
  • Light weight & high heat insulation
  • Good in sound absorption & water resistant
  • Long spanning capacity with custom-made-length
  • Savings in cost of purchasing and installation
  • Good rain water flow capacity
  • Brick Red
  • Rose Red
  • Torres Blue
  • Taiwan Blue
  • Police Blue
  • Sea Blue
  • BP Green
  • Pink Orange
  • Nada Beige
  • Nippon Grey
  • Solid White
  • Dark Brown
  • Cool Grey
  • Aluzinc Az100
  • Tru-Aluzinc AZ150
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